Professional human resource services

HRMconnect is a human resource consulting company and a member of BVSA Group, which has extensive experience in strategic Human Resource Management (HRM).

We have combined our understanding of the market and specialised skills to deliver the following innovative services:

Strategic human resource management & outsourced service

Human resources are often administered without the necessary skill and know-how to ensure an efficient and happy team, and to address the risks associated with our sophisticated South African Labour Law.

Our services:
We offer a fully fletched human resource management function delivered at a fixed fee or as retainer. Our services include recruitment and selection of key talent which include Psychometric Assessments and Assessment Centres. Accordingly, we design and implement onboarding programmes to address the unique requirements of the business. We are specialists in the design of organisational structures, creation of standard operating procedures, along with the development of policies and procedures.

Our Performance Management system is a strategic management tool to plan for performance, monitor,
measure, take corrective action and reward performance. We implement performance at all levels, supported by the required software that can be tailored to unique business needs. We also offer payroll services addressing all the related statutory requirements, time and attendance monitoring, BBBEE and equity plan development and submission procedures, labour relations, operational health and safety as well as tailored training and development programmes.

Recruitment and onboarding

Strategic selection of people to join your business attempts to match your company needs to the best suited candidate for the job. This reduces employee turnover and increases productivity, saving valuable time and money.

Our services:
We manage all recruitment and/or selection related processes as an outsourced or ad hoc service, Psychometric Assessment and Assessment Centres for particular roles, onboarding administration, and induction training and motivation.

Organisational design

Developing an organizational structure requires a sound definition of the operational framework that is unique to every business. It includes the functions required at specific locations, how these functions need to interact and the decision-making responsibilities to achieve the strategic goals of the organisation. An efficient organizational structure will clarify the functions and accountability of each person to support the business strategy and to adopt to customer needs and the changing environment.

Our services:
Review and design of organisational structures, job analysis, job grading, job descriptions, and salary

SOP’s and policies & procedures

Standard operating procedures (SOP’s) are the documented processes that an organisation needs to ensure services and/or products are delivered consistently. Standard operating procedures increases the value of your organisation as it capacitates staff, standardises operating procedures, increases effectiveness and consistent services, limits red tape, enhances compliance and forms the basis of job descriptions and performance measures. This further informs operational Policies and Procedures of the business, employment contracts, and all other labour law related policies.

Our services:
We facilitate the development of SOP’s in a standardised format or draft the SOP’s on your behalf. Review and development of HRM policies, procedures and checklists.

Training and development

Strategic Talent Development is a growing field of HRM and combines research, theory, and practice dedicated to expanding the knowledge and effectiveness of people to ensure sustainable organisational performance.

Our services:
We take a collaborative approach to the design of our tailored interventions to ensure a client centric product and ultimately sustainable performance improvement. This will include skills audits, facilitation of the work place skills plan and assistance to claim from SETA’s, mentoring and development, internship programmes and employee wellness.

For more information visit: www.hrmconnect.co.za

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