Legal services

BVSA Legal Services was launched in January 2018 after a clear need was identified for high-quality and reliable legal advice and services within the BVSA Group and among its clients.

The BVSA Legal Services team is managed and run by qualified and experienced attorneys, notaries and conveyancers who provide expert legal services to both individual and corporate clients.

Comprehensive spectrum of legal services

BVSA Legal Services renders a comprehensive spectrum of legal services, including in the following areas:

  • Succession and the drafting of wills and codicils
  • Administration and winding up of deceased estates
  • Registration, variation and amendment of trusts
  • Trust management
  • Business continuity¬†planning
  • Commercial and contract law
  • Company law
  • Compliance and legal audits
  • Property law
  • Labour law
  • Estate planning

For more information, contact us at 021 914 9604 or on email: legal@bvsa.ltd

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